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Business has changed. It's gone digital. According to McKinsey, Covid-19 has made Omnichannel B2B sales 'the new normal'. Do you have the right balance of human and digital in your sales and marketing mix?

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Why your business might not be growing as quickly as it should be.


Revenue is unpredictable:

Are your sales driven by launches or referrals, promotions or holiday sales? Does it feel like a rollercoaster? Does your B2B sales team hit target one quarter but miss the next?


You are reticent to market:

Some business owners hesitate to conduct sales and marketing campaigns as they do not want to appear 'pushy' or 'spammy' - which can lead to them doing little or no marketing at all.


You're burning cash:

Many companies have spent huge sums on marketing that delivered a negligible return on investment - or none at all. This can lead to a natural aversion to future investment in growth strategies.

Toby MacKelden

Co-Founder & Head of Growth | Indigo Media Group | DigitalStrategy

Does your business have a digital growth strategy?

According to Gartner, B2B customers are 57% of the way through the buying process before they ever engage with a salesperson. That research is happening online.

In B2C, 6% of all retail transactions happen online, but 96% of all transactions BEGIN online. (Spencer Spinnell, Director, Emerging Platforms at Google).

And, according to AdWeek “Digital has become king…” with digital ad spend outpacing traditional ad spend for the first time ever in 2019.

The world has gone digital. Is your business keeping up?

Are you ready for predictable, profitable digital growth?