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Toby MacKelden | Co-Founder & Head of Growth

Indigo Media Group | DigitalStrategy

DigitalMarketer is on a mission to double the size of 10,000 businesses around the world. They literally wrote the book on digital marketing. Their tools, frameworks and methodologies are trusted by 126,000+ marketers from companies of all sizes.

Toby MacKelden

Toby is the Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Indigo Media Group | DigitalStrategy. He has personally delivered sales and marketing training, consulting and coaching to hundreds of organisations from start-ups to leading corporations including Google, Bain & Co, Getty Images and many others.

What our clients say

"Toby has been an important member of the team and has worked very hard to set us up for success, most visibly by leading the Brisbane Sales Pilot from which we have learnt much about how to sell. We appreciate his insight, challenge and knowledge of the sales and marketing process." Deloitte

"Toby was great, he really knows the content, engaged with everyone in the room and also provided real time feedback during the exercises with good didactics and dynamic pace." Google

"Congratulations Toby on delivering an excellent course. The feedback from our staff who had attended the workshop was very impressive. I personally found the workshop very useful, as I was able to takeaway several techniques, which are easily applied, but very effective." Oracle

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