The 90-Day Growth Accelerator.

Your roadmap for doubling revenue with digital.

The '90-Day Growth Accelerator' is comprised of three full-day, in-office workshops (one per month) during which we create a growth map for doubling your revenue with digital.

In each one-day workshop, we will evaluate your company’s progress in implementing the 'Growth Accelerator' framework and find bottlenecks or 'blocks' preventing growth.

And by using our 20+ growth playbooks, we will eliminate these 'blocks' and get your company back on the path to doubling revenue.

The 90-day Growth Accelerator is a guided process to:

  • Audit your current marketing strategy
  • Identify bottlenecks, opportunities, and the metrics that matter
  • Develop an action plan to improve your strategy and double your sales!

Days 1-30: Build Phase

Get a holistic view of your current marketing processes with our proven frameworks, and begin to identify areas for optimisation.

  • 90 Day Gameplan: Reflect on that past, present, and future 90 days, and develop a “Focus 5” to get your business in line with your goals
  • Customer Avatar: Get laser-focused precision on your ideal customer, and what drives them to convert
  • Customer Value Journey: Build out the sequence your ideal customer takes as they interact with your brand
  • Growth Scorecard: Identify the key metrics that affect how you’ll get your business to scale
  • Process Opportunites & Bottlenecks: Identify any key bottlenecks or opportunities that are apparent in your marketing strategy

Days 31-60 : Optimise Phase

Using our tailor-made tools, we will optimise the 'Convert' and 'Excite stages' of your 'Customer Value Journey', turning more of your leads into sales!

  • AH-Ha Accelerator: Identify your customers “Ah-ha” moment that gets them excited about what you have to offer
  • Predictable Sales Canvas: Develop a process to convert customers in a predictable and scalable way
  • Growth Lever Canvas: Define, Rate, and Prioritise different opportunities within your marketing strategy
  • Big 3 Planning Sheet: Create a specific, measurable action plan to improve 3 key metrics that will help scale your business

Days 61-90 : Accelerate Phase

We'll review your progress over the past 90 days using the growth metrics defined in your 'Growth Scorecard', and continue to scale using tools and tactics tailored to your business needs.

  • Wildcard Tools: Utilise any of the proven tools that will help alleviate bottlenecks, and take advantage of opportunities

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